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Restore Night Oil

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rosehip | argan | macadamia       47ml


Restore your skin while you sleep.

This rich, deeply restorative and healing night oil is packed with skin loving botanicals high in essential fatty acids, vitamins and powerful antioxidants to nourish and feed your skin while you sleep, penetrating into the deeper layers.  Feel the difference using this silky oil to help re-balance your skin and even out your complexion for naturally glowing skin.

**  This is a multi-purpose product and can be used as a serum, face oil or cleansing oil (see below). 


NB: this is the richer version of the 2 face oils

- Choose the Restore Night Oil for mature and skin prone to dryness or exposed to the elements (for cold harsher climates or surfing)

- Choose the Restore Face Oil for younger or balanced or skin prone to oiliness (NB: this oil will help restore over production of oil on the face)



**macadamia oil, *jojoba oil, *rosehip oil, *argan oil, ^sweet almond oil, essential oils: *lavender, rosemary, neroli, ^roman chamomile

^Australian *organic **Australian organic

How to use


The Restore Night Oil can be used in several ways.

AS A SERUM : Wet your face either with water or for best results spray your Hydrate Toner Mist all over. Add a few drops of your Restore Night Oil to your palms and gently rub together. Press your palms into your face, moving over all areas and gently pressing around your eyes and more delicate areas. This can also be applied after using your Nourish Face Cream for stronger hydration and restorative benefits.

(1. Hydrate Toner Mist, 2. Nourish Face Cream, 3. Restore Night Oil)

AS A FACE OIL : Add a few drops to your palms and using your fingers apply the oil onto your clean face. Using your fingertips gently massage the oil in deeper and stimulate areas with gentle pressure. Apply to your neck and upper chest and rub any remainder into your hands.

DURING THE DAY FOR EXTRA HYDRATION : Following applying your Nourish Face Cream, add a few drops of your Restore Night Oil to your palms and gently rub together. Press your palms into your face, moving over all areas and gently pressing around your eyes and more delicate areas.

AS A CLEANSING OIL : Wet your face, add a few drops of oil into your palm and apply the oil with your fingertips, massaging around as you go. Keep massaging and moving around cleansing all areas (delicate around eye area) and including neck. Wet your Bamboo Cleansing Cloth under warm to hot water, open out then using one hand under the cloth use gentle to medium firmness to buff in circular motions all over the face, neck and behind your ears. Rinse cloth well and hang to dry. To finish add a few drops of oil to your palms and apply either as a serum (above) by pressing into your face or massage in applying as a face oil (also above).

Active Botanicals

The Restore Night Oil is suitable for all skin types although best for mature or dry skin or for those regularly in the elements including wind, ocean and colder harsher climates.


NB: It is important to have the correct balance of oils for face oil products, hence a lot of work has been put into formulating this oil. Certain oils like argan and rosehip can be too strong to be used on their own and can actually have opposite effects and create clogged pores or breakouts. You may have noticed this using previous oils on your face. This blend has been specifically formulated to enhance all the ingredients key properties offering a highly beneficial and restorative approach to your skincare.


Macadamia Oil : The ultimate oil for skin care, the macadamia is native to Australia. Unlike other oils, this doesn’t clog pores while still providing rich healing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Due to its phenolic compounds, macadamia oil also has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Regarded as a drier oil due to its strong penetrative attributes, it sinks into the skin well without feeling greasy. High in monounsaturated fatty acids, including omega 9, its strong moisturizing, softening and regenerating qualities are matched with its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Jojoba Oil : The closest oil to the skins sebum production it has amazing moisturising benefits. It contains many essential fatty acids, vitamins and powerful antioxidants. Naturally gentle and non-irritating qualities make it great for all skin types, soothing sensitive skin, hydrating dry skin, balancing oily skin and assisting the healing of acne and breakouts.

Rosehip Oil : Another skin wonder, rosehip oil is pressed from the seed of the wild rose bush, found in the Southern Andes. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids and renowned for its antioxidant properties, anti-aging benefits and strong effects on healing scars, wounds, reversing sun damage and pigmentation, wrinkles and brown skin spots. Containing linoleic and linoleic EFA’s (essential fatty acids), it is packed with naturally occurring vitamin A and E. These assist in promoting a youthful complexion and supple, replenished skin.

Argan Oil : Native to morocco, the oil or ‘liquid gold’ is extracted from the kernals of the argan tree. High in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it is sought after for its skin moisturising and softening qualities. Due to its very specific small growing areas, argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world.

Sweet Almond Oil : With its gentle cleansing properties and high amounts of vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fatty acids, sweet almond helps improve skin complexion. Considered a deep skin cleanser, its light texture can easily penetrate the skin, softening and dislodging dirt and debris accumulated on the fine hair follicles and in the skin pores. Also high in vitamin A, using almond oil can prevent blackheads and acne.

Essential oils : Lavender, rosemary, neroli and roman chamomile have been chosen to help deeply revive and repair skin while we are sleeping. With a beautiful calming scent it benefits sleep not just our skin.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Vockler
Highly recommended!

I love the richness of it and even mix it with the day cream in the mornings.

Love the glow

Thanks Sue

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