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Radiance Face Polish

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papaya | walnut shell | pink clay     80g 


2-in-1 product : Face Scrub + Face Mask

Clean beauty 'game changer' ! 

A deep cleanse and baby smooth skin with radiant complexion !


If you're ready for super silky baby soft skin, you will love this Radiance Face Polish.  Easy to use and designed for busy mama's and women in business, just add water to make a paste in your palm and gently massage onto skin.  Soft, smooth even skin tone in just a few minutes.

A cross between a face mask and face scrub this beautifully soft polish powder combines the benefits of both worlds.  A luxe face polish that helps soften, smooth and tighten the skin while it cleanses and detoxifies for a radiant glow.  

Created using a potent blend of 3 types of clay, these balance each other to be naturally and deeply cleansing but without drying out the skin or stripping the skins 'good' natural oils.  


*** NB: the 'Radiance Face Polish' is currently made with a darker shade of French Pink Clay which is much richer in colour and slightly finer than the previous batches.







Use this polish 1-2 times per week and always only exfoliate by gently rubbing the polish.  Greater benefits are achieved by doing your skin routine gently and not overdoing it, which will allow the skin to function as nature intended.    

** Walnut shell is a finely ground gentle abrasive that assists with exfoliation.

Gentle pressure when using is suggested.

Use 1-2 x per week  (for other cleansing options use either of the face oils with warm water and the 'Bamboo Cleansing Cloth'.





pink clay, walnut shell, ^yellow clay, ^beige clay, papaya powder, *marshmallow root powder

^Australian *organic

How to use

Gently wet your face. Into a cupped palm add a 20-50 cent coin size amount of 'radiance face polish' with a small amount of water to form a thickish paste.

Gently rub the paste onto your damp face and neck in circular motions avoiding your eye area. Leave for 1-2 minutes then wash off and pat dry. To use as a mask follow the same directions and allow to dry before washing off.

It is easiest to use this product in the shower.

Please be careful as the packaging is made of glass.

*** For best results use the 'Radiance Face Polish' at night (only 1-2 times per week) followed by the 'Restore Night Oil' or 'Restore Face Oil'. This is because it is an exfoliation product and exposing the cleansed skin to the full days exposure is more sensitive to our skin. By using it at night your skin can receive the best results and re-balance the during sleep to wake with glowing healthy looking skin.

Nb: patch test before use for sensitive skin.

Active Botanicals


PINK CLAY : This clay is sourced from France. French pink clay has been highly regarded for a long time as an excellent natural product for balancing stressed and sensitive skin. With its mild nature it helps improve overall skin texture with skin firming properties. Although Australian sourced pink clay is currently very popular, unfortunately due to its rapid use the clay mine is alarmingly already empty, highlighting the need for more protection of Australian resources to keep these natural treasures sustainable for futures to come.

YELLOW CLAY : Great for gently exfoliating, cleansing and toning the skin. It strengthens the connective tissues, stimulates blood circulation and draws out toxins, while nourishing, feeding and hydrating skin.

BEIGE CLAY : This Australian sourced clay contains several essential minerals (magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, iron and others). In combination these allow the beige clay to have its amazing detoxifying properties, assisting blood and lymph circulation. Eliminating toxins from the skin, clean, fresh, hydrated and energised skin is noticed.

WALNUT SHELL : A great natural skin exfoliator. Gently helping to slough away dead skin cells, this powder can help achieve smoother, softer skin with a brighter and even skin tone. Many cleansers and scrubs contain harsh chemicals which are very detrimental to our skin, our health and our oceans and environment.

PAPAYA : Papaya’s enzymes help rejuvenate the skin by removing dead cells while cleansing to clear skin impurities. Its vitamin C content helps protect and hydrate for glowing skin. Considered one of the most powerful plant proteolytic enzymes (helps break down dead cells), it assists with moisturizing and preserving the natural barrier function of the epidermis. As one of the richest sources of antioxidants (20x higher than vit E), papaya contains a myriad of enzymes.

MARSHMALLOW ROOT : Considered a natural skin care wonder, marshmallow root is a botanical used in both medicine and skincare. Containing a high percentage of mucilage (viscous or gelatinous solution from plant) it provides intense hydrating, softening and balancing properties. Marshmallow root hydrates the skin while improving its function of retaining moisture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kiah Stone

I have been loving this product (especially during the summer muggy months) works as both a scrub or face mask. Delicious ingredients…. Another incredible product by ILA & AVA. Thank you again🌷

Jaclyn Rogerson Rogerson

I use this about once a week and it leaves my skin feeling so soft, it's not too harsh and feels divine!

Jemma Purcell

Such a lovely gentle cleanser, my skin has never looked better. Absolutely loving it!!

Donna Smith

Everything !!! Would highly recommend these beautiful products!

Christine Harding

All products I've tried so far are amazing. The quality of it you can feel in your skin! Thanks for creating magic!

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