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Jyoti Perfume Oil

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Earthy + herbaceous all natural perfume oil.

I describe it as earthy and herbaceous, with a softness yet element of strength. 

It makes me feel in touch with 'me' and 'clear'.  I'm so curious to hear your experience when you use it so please make sure to let me know.

Jyoti: meaning light in Sanskrit (ancient Indian text)

(Pronounced: 'gee - oh - tee')


** It is so important to use only natural perfumes and deodorants to avoid unnecessary toxin exposure.  Using chemical and synthetic main stream versions of these products can have negative health affects on all of our body systems in particular our nervous, endocrine (hormone) and lymphatic systems and also our emotions and mental health.



** sweet almond oil, essential oils: clary sage, petitgrain, patchouli, *frankincense, *lavender, cedarwood, ^roman chamomile.

twig of wild lavender in the bottle

^Australian *organic **Australian organic

How to use

Apply to wrists, neck, nail cuticles or to palms and press into damp hair ends.

When applying to wrists just press the wrists together - don't rub - pressing will help gently disperse the oils and help it to have a strong scent for longer.

Store out of direct sunlight.

Active Botanicals

Australian sweet almond is used as the carrier oil in this delicate blend for its low scent and deeply penetrating properties.

Clary Sage ‘salvia sclarea’
Considered a tonic for the mind, body and soul, this essential oil has a multitude of positive properties. A perennial herb with grey velvety heart shaped leaves, with violet pink pale blue flowers, it is native to the Mediterranean region, although is now cultivated in various regions around the world. In skin care the addition of clary sage oil assists in toning the skin due to its mild astringent properties, regulates sebum production and assisting in reducing inflammation linked to acne breakouts, while its natural anti-microbial qualities assist the whole formulations. Its herby fresh scent can balance mind and spirit. ILA + AVA uses a Bulgarian sourced clary sage oil also found in the ‘glow body oil’ and ‘botanical perfume oil’.

Petitgrain helps to create calm and feelings of relaxation, with both balancing and cleansing properties.

Patchouli has grounding and balancing qualities for increasing energy, improving emotions and mood and sharpening clarity. Helping to bust depression and anxiety it helps to improve cognitive function, ease tension, promote relaxation and boost libido.

Frankincense assists in reducing feelings of anxiety, helps to boost immunity and reduce signs of aging and decrease inflammation.

Lavender ‘lavandula’
This wonderful purple flowering plant is well known. With strong healing properties for various skin disorders including psoriasis, wrinkles, acne and other inflammatory conditions, lavender has antibacterial qualities which penetrate deep to clean out pores and help prevent and heal breakouts. The unique floral scent is deeply calming and relaxing and soothing for a good nights sleep. ILA + AVA uses subtle amount of an organic lavender essential oil for these properties in the ‘glow body oil’, ‘refresh deo balm’, ‘restore night oil’ and 'restore face oil' * organic used

Cedarwood helps improve cerebral activity. It supports relaxation, boosts concentration, minimises harmful stress and helps ease tension.

Roman Chamomile chamaemelum nobile’
Not just a pretty flower, chamomile boasts numerous health benefits. ILA + AVA uses a high quality essential oil for its calming scent and soothing properties. Used to fight anxiety and depression, reduce insomnia, boost skin health, support digestive health, promote heart health, alleviate PMS symptoms, act as a natural allergy reliever and help relieve arthritic pain, chamomile is a wonderous plant. It is used in numerous of our formulations as a calmative to promote happy and healthy vibes. ILA + AVA uses an Australian sourced roman chamomile oil, which can be found in the ‘glow body oil’, ‘nourish face cream’, ‘restore night oil’, 'resotre face oil' and ‘botanical perfume oil’. ^ Australian used.

In frosted 10ml glass with roller.

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