Brighten, tighten and tone, improve your complexion and have glowing skin with a jade stone Gua Sha beauty tool.

  • 1. Clean your face 

    - Wet your face with warm water.

    - Massage a few drops of either your 'Restore Face Oil' or 'Restore Night Oil' between your fingers then massage into your face and neck.

    - Wet your 'Bamboo Cleansing Cloth' under hot water, open and place over your

    face to gently steam your skin, then using moderate pressure move in circular motions all over your face, behind ears, under chin and neck. 

    - Rinse cloth and hang to dry.

  • 2.  Spray your 'Hydrate Toner Mist' to dampen your skin

  • 3. Apply your Face Oil

    - Rub a few drops of either your 'Restore Face Oil' or your 'Restore Night Oil' between your fingers and press into skin and neck, gently smoothing out around your eyes, nose and along jaw line.

    - Follow the video for a gua sha home facial.

You can take your time and use these few minutes as beautiful self care ritual for yourself daily.  Extra instructions and care notes are given with each 'Gua Sha Beauty Tool'.